Don Seiler - mentor, minister thought leader,

All I ever wanted to do in my life was fly. That desire led me to a brief experience at the United States Air Force Academy. My poor math skills contributed to the brevity of the experience.

Not to worry, the U.S. Army had a program during the Vietnam War that accepted High School graduates into flight training. Of course, the tuition included at least one year in Vietnam. I spent that year and a few more in the Army and received a few awards and wonderful experiences, including flying in Alaska.

Over the next several years, I flew commercially around the world, but started to consider new dreams. Those dreams led to many occupations — strength coach in the NFL, corporate wellness consultant, hospital executive, and IT administrator. Yikes, scary when I had to fill out a job application, but I loved it.

In the early 1990s, I got involved in a 12-step program and some folks suggested I check out the local Unity church. I found a spiritual home! I also perceived a calling to ministry. Although it took nearly 20 years, I entered a program to become an ordained Unity Minister. I served Unity Church of San Marcos for three years and now serve at Unity of North Houston.

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