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March 25, 2016
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I’m Praying for You

If you are on Facebook, you know that the “proper” response to a calamity in a “friend’s life” is “You are in my prayers.”

Do you do it? Do you pray every day? Do you include all those folks in calamity or distress? Maybe you’re like my family. We said grace when company was present – or when my brother-in-law the minister was there. Sometimes my wife, Bobbye, comes looking for me to make a gratitude prayer before we eat potluck at church. If I’m busy I tell her we should have a room full of pray-ers who should be able to handle the assignment. This is not usually my best response, but, it is true.

We regularly say we pray for people, so we should be good at it. After all, we’re just saying thanks to our source and those who prepared and presented the food. I promise I’m not making light of praying. It’s the foundation of my spirituality and my life. And in Unity it’s a big deal.

Unity took form in the 1880s when co-founder Myrtle Fillmore spoke affirming words (prayed) to her tuberculosis-ridden body and went on to live a life of health and wholeness. People sent prayer requests to her and she always replied. Eventually, the work was too much for two people and the Society for Silent Help was born, which in time evolved into what we now know as Silent Unity. That was 125 years ago.

Silent Unity stills prays with people today – several million people a year request prayer support! These days, in addition to letters and phone calls (1-800-NOW-PRAY), we can use an online prayer request form, or download an app for your smartphone It’s still based on prayer formulas that Myrtle, and her husband Charles, gleaned from their extensive study of the bible, and personal practice.

Unity co-founder, Charles Fillmore calls prayer the most highly accelerated mind action known. According to him, prayer steps up our consciousness until it synchronizes with the Christ Mind. Now, that’s powerful! Charles says there are seven conditions necessary for true prayer:

  1. God should be recognized as Father.
  2. Oneness with God should be acknowledged.
  3. Prayer must be made within, in “the secret place” (Psalms 91).
  4. The door must be closed on all thoughts and interests of the outer world.
  5. The one who prays must believe that he has received.
  6. The kingdom of God must be desired above all things, and sought first.
  7. The mind must let go of every unforgiving thought.

Is this how you pray? Everyday? When you’re in pain, fear, or made a mistake? We’ll talk more again. Happy praying.

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